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Lung Lha Tours is a registered tour company in Bhutan. It is based in Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan.Lung Lha Tours was founded by Ms. Phuntsho Lhamo. She has traveled widely throughout Europe, Africa and ASIA making her very familiar with the various cultures and traditions.

Lung Lha Tours features knowledgeable, trustworthy and professionally trained guides who are eager to meet the needs of our valued clients. Lha Lung Tours is specialized in personalized tourism for individual tourist or for group of any size. Personalize tourism means for us, responding to the particular interest of an individual or group.

Visit the Dragon Kingdom with us. Our aspiration is to ensure our esteemed guests the most memorable experiences in Bhutan. Aptly known to many as the Last Shangri-la, Bhutan offers a web of mystery and fascinations which you will treasure for a lifetime. Bhutan is the last surviving Mahayana Buddhist nation and is truly among the most beautiful country in the world. It is truly a place where you can witness modernity and ancient culture blend together peacefully creating a fascinating culture. Bhutan is truly the last Shangri-la. Visit Bhutan with us.

Land of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in South Asia region and the world. Rich in culture, tradition and environment, it has only few decades ago opened up to the world, simultaneously accepting the modern trends of development. While economic development is considered as one significant aspect, huge priority is, however, given to spiritual wellbeing and individual happiness. This makes Bhutan unique for its concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), and thus rightly acclaiming the title as one of the happiest countries in the world. This development philosophy emphasizes the economic development is not the sole contributor to human happiness.

Located in the Eastern Himalayas between China (Tibet) and India, by and large mountainous and heavily forested, Bhutan is a small landlocked nation. It has an area of 38,394 square kilometers with the kingdom’s longest east-west dimension stretching around 300 kilometers and 170 kilometers at its maximum north-south dimension. It has 470 kilometers long border with Tibet (China’s Xizang Autonomous Region) to the north and northwest and 605 kilometers with the Indian state of Sikkim to the west, West Bengal to the southwest, Assam to the south and southeast, and Arunachal Pradesh to the east. The Indian state of Sikkim separates Bhutan from Nepal and the West Bengal separates Bhutan from Bangladesh.

The border with Tibet is traditional following the watershed of the Chumbi Valley in the northwest and pinnacle of the Himalayas in the north. And the southern border with India was established by treaty with the British in the 19th century and basically follows the line made by the Himalayas’ foothills with the plains. 70.5% of the Kingdom is covered by forest; around 7% with perennial snow and glaciers; 3% is cultivated or agriculture areas; and 4% are meadows and pastures, and the rest of the land is either barren, rocky or scrubland.

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